Back-up System?

I had been using Windows Live One Care on a trial basis and liked it. However, when I tried to pay for it I couldn’t (it just kept sending me around in circles and back to the beginning again) so I tried downloading alternatives to secure and clean up my computer.

I am very ignorant of computers and compatible software etc, so I now have:-

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Looks like you are going for total overkill!

You have far too many programs.

Keep CCleaner + AVG and the Firewall. The others are optional but I would get rid of them.

Windows XP SP2 has a free anti-spyware program called Windows Defender. It also has a free Firewall. Check Microsoft’s website for more details.
Windows does have a backup facility but it does not intsall by default for some reason. See the link below for more details.
by: Raymond W
on: 5th July 07

Advanced Registry Cleaner
Spybot Search and Destroy
Anti Virus Shield (AVS)
Comodo Firewall Pro
PC Booster
Avast (lurking in the background – but I’ve already asked a question about that).

I don’t appear to have anything that will back-up and save my work (One Care kept me advised and the instructions to save onto CD were easy to follow).

Is there any software I can download that will work as a back-up system and nothing else as I have made a real mess here and have more software than I know how to handle?
Thank you all for your help. You have taught me a lot and I am very grateful. I wish you could all have 10 points.